Choosing The Home Gym Space That Motivates You To Exercise

Will the space you’ve dedicated to your home workouts keep you dedicated to exercising? How your home gym feels, looks and sounds can make the difference between positive, inspired, and easy physical activity and endless drudgery. Dark, damp and cramped might lend some Rocky-Balboa romance to your exercise, but you’ll be less likely to go the distance. Here are some emotional considerations that can help you find and perfect your optimum exercise atmosphere.

Conflicted Feelings

Some like the idea of a treadmill or exercise bike in the corner of their bedroom. These are usually your jump-out-of-bed-and-get-going (or get it over with) types. However, if you’re married, you might find you and your spouse have different opinions on early-morning bursts of energy – especially when equipment starts working

Your Space Should Be Spacious

Not everyone has a spare room, but if you do, consider putting your home gym there. A door can give you privacy, but you don’t want to feel bottled up. So the emptier your space, the better. Extensive shelving can encroach and make you feel claustrophobic. A mirror can expand that spaciousness while helping you monitor your form and progress. Just hang it straight, because an angled mirror can present a distorted view of yourself.

Sound Decision Making

Music has the power to energize you, lend a rhythm to the pace you’re setting and distract you from your labours. As huge stereo systems have shrunk down to cellphone size, so have speakers. Now something weighing under two pounds and as small as a beer bottle can provide clear, vibrant audio for all your tunes, streaming video and interactive training apps.

Keep It Light and Bright.

If there’s one paint colour to get excited about, it’s white – especially if you want to enlarge the space around you. Orange is also believed to create energy, but other warm hues generally relax you. White also eliminates that dingy feeling – especially if you choose a paint mix that’s not too glossy and is easy to clean.

Lighting is important, too. You’ll need bright artificial lighting, but nothing too harsh. A lighting expert can help you find easily adjustable light fixtures to create that perfect glow. Perhaps the best light is natural light from large windows. It can stimulate several positive changes in your brain, which create more energy. That’s not all windows can do.

Keep Inspiration in View.

Add some drive to your decorating. Put your old high school/college jersey, track-and-field ribbons or rec sports medals or trophies where you can see them. They might just revive some long-lost youthful energy. Don’t have a glorious sporting past but admire those who do? A framed autographed poster or other memorabilia can make you feel closer to being in your heroes' league.

If you have an inspiring view out your window, it can create the sensation you’re already outside. And you can further evoke that refreshing outdoor feeling.

Air Quality

You can open those windows or a side door to create cross-ventilation, weather permitting. On less pleasant days, you can still keep the fresh air flowing with ventilation ducts, air conditioning or an air filter. Being air quality-aware will keep you healthy, energized and comfortable. Those three factors can get your home gym off to a good start before you make your first equipment purchases. Speaking of …

Ready to Put Your Workout Room to Work? Visit Flaman Fitness

Once you’ve created a motivating exercise space, our experts can help you find home gym equipment to match. Flaman Fitness has searched the world for strength and cardio equipment that will make every workout productive, safe and pleasurable.

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