Enjoy The holidays: Being Healthy Is living In Balance

Enjoy the Holidays

Can you believe it, Christmas is literally around the corner. And Christmas means Gingerbread houses, chocolate treats, Christmas drinks and a big, yummy meal at the end of it.

It also means a lot of fun with your friends and your family. So if you are wondering my thoughts on how to balance it all with staying healthy and exercising…. I say ENJOY IT!

Unless you're competing for a competition or have something coming up that you need to keep things extra 'tight' for, there should be no reason you can't enjoy the holiday season. Now does that mean you should stuff your face non-stop and not work out at all, of course not!

But if you have a staff Christmas party, or a night out with friends ... ENJOY IT! Eat whatever you would like and have fun! I believe being healthy is also living in balance, and maybe my thoughts aren't right for 'the most healthiest approach' but I believe that if you work hard all the time and don't ever enjoy the little things (LIKE a Holiday Season) then what is the point? This should be the time you enjoy yourself because you know that you will get right back at your workout program the next day! There has to be the balance between simply just deserving it!

So, for myself on Black Friday weekend 4 of us girls took a trip to Minot for some Christmas shopping. It was such a fun silly weekend that I just had such a great time! Saturday night I actually got so full from supper at Ruby Tuesdays that when we went to Walmart I sat in a cart and made them push me – I literally think I am so funny and have no shame, ha-ha. If you all could have seen some of the smiles people gave me, or the double takes .. it was priceless.

Then when the weekend was over, I worked out Monday, that to me is balance. Enjoy your fun, enjoy the special times. Then get back to your routine.

Have a great day, guys!


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