Expert Tips On Optimizing Your Home Gym Budget

Pondering what to spend on your home gym can be daunting. You don’t want to over-extend yourself. But, on the other hand, you don’t want to cheap out and wind up with a room full of unusable junk, either. Too often, the complicated art of budgeting your home gym becomes a reason not to have one.

Fortunately, some home gym experts have been through all that. They’ve made mistakes, filed them under “experience,” then made that experience available to the rest of us. As a result, their advice can help you “flip the script” on your home gym budget anxieties – so you can be optimistic about what’s doable.


1. Don't Go on a Buying Spree.

Most fitness experts agree that rushing out and buying everything at once is a huge mistake. You’ll likely blow your whole fitness budget buying a few top-of-the-line, brand-name items then scrimp on others. The mismatch won’t work, and you’ll pay to replace the items that don’t fit. Of course, you might be able to re-sell those items but expect to take a loss.2. Get it one piece at a time.


2. Get It One Piece at a Time.

Some of the best home gyms started with a single piece of equipment. That could be a barbell, a pull-up bar, a jump rope, a yoga mat or even your own body weight. The point is figuring out what kind of exercise works for you and makes you want to come back for more. Once you do, you can find equipment that expands and/or enhances that good feeling. Furthermore, your spending decisions won’t feel so imposing and mysterious.

However, there is ONE exception to this rule. If you’re completely confident in what you want and can afford, buying multiple items can pay off in shipping costs saved.


3. Distill the Value of Your Exercise.

How many times have you said, “I’d pay a million dollars for a product that could …?” Exaggerations aside, we all develop an instinct for what certain benefits are worth. Some calculations are easy, like the money you save driving straight home. Some, like the time you save, require a little more thought.

What do you spend to make up the time you could have spent with your family? What’s the value of setting a good fitness example for your kids? How does having more time impact your work and home chore performance? Sure, it might seem unsentimental to reduce the quality and length of your life to a dollar figure. However, the costs of doing without them can be calculated.


4. Consider Setting a Monthly Budget.

Explore the option of making payments vs. buying something outright. Most fitness retailers can arrange financing more expensive equipment on a monthly schedule. You can also make payments on a credit card purchase or a personal loan.

Just be sure you don’t get in over your head spending money you don’t have and aren’t likely to get. Buying too much on credit can damage your credit score – especially if your income source runs dry. Instead, find out what your options would be in that case and stay within a set budget.


5. Pick Your One Central Product.

If you want to splurge on one piece of equipment, make it the one that you’ll build your workout routine around. It could be a treadmill or a rack. If you’re going to use it a lot, don’t scrimp on quality.


6. Think Ahead.

A half rack may be more affordable, but will you still use it after moving up to a full rack? You can check online reviews for resale values, but it may prove more economical to go big in the first place. If a full rack isn't affordable, consider add-on options to convert certain half racks into full racks.


7. Be Careful If You Buy Used.

There’s an upside and a downside to buying used. You’ll save money, but you’re taking a chance on how damaged or worn out a piece of equipment might be. And you won’t have a warranty, so it’s buyer beware. However, there are a few precautions you can take:

1) Check if the seller has an online rating.

2) Try before you buy.

2) Bring a fitness-savvy friend along if you can.


8. Don't Forget Those Non-Equipment Expenses.

Every size of home gym requires some prep work. For example, a small corner workout area might require a quick cleaning and possibly a little redecorating. Bigger projects might involve anything from a flooring, wiring, or ventilation job to a full remodel. You can get a wider scope of different home gym projects here.


Find More Expert Budget Advice at Flaman Fitness.

If you know your goals, your available space, how you’d like to work out, and what you can spend, our experts can help you put the rest together. They’ll show you the equipment choices that fit into your budget – and let you try before you buy. They’ll also outline financing options that can help you get started on your fitness journey.

Call or visit your nearest Flaman Fitness Location and find out what your budget can do for you!

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