Five Reasons You'll Love Shopping at Flaman Fitness

If you haven’t been to Flaman Fitness, you’re in for a unique experience. For over two decades, we've evolved a standard of service informed by and focused on the customer. That isn’t just something the company likes to believe about itself. (And what company wouldn’t?) It’s something Flaman wants YOU to expect confidently. Our goal is to earn that confidence by making sure we understand your current fitness situation – then offering informed, individually focused, and supportive customer service that puts you on the path to where you want to be. Flaman’s shortened that path considerably by taking some big, common-sense steps. Here are a few tips that can help us help you to realize those health goals even sooner.


Personalized Experience and Superior Service

Getting to know you is our staff’s primary focus. Everything you can tell your Flaman Fitness sales professional will help the two of you find the ideal solution for your fitness needs. Don’t hold back talking about what you’d like to achieve (like better cardiovascular health, improved muscle tone, or weight loss). Give us the straight goods on what you think you’re able to do now and what you hope to achieve later. Take us on a journey through the time and space you have for exercise. Then deliver your budget speech.

You’ll find our sales pros aren’t just receptive listeners, they have good memories, too. Whenever possible, they’ll retain what you’ve told them for future reference. It gives our staff a head start guiding you to new options should your circumstances change or if you're just feeling fitter and ready to try new things. A personalized purchase experience is an added level of care we’re proud to provide our customers. There’s nothing more gratifying to us than when customers express their appreciation for a team member’s efforts:


Our "listen and learn" policy is one factor that helps Flaman Fitness excel at finding optimum fitness solutions for our customers. Having so many different solutions in stock is another.


Lots of Options to Choose From

There are different ways to get fit, and different machines to help you do it. Want to boost your cardio? Flaman boasts a wide selection of bikes, ellipticals, treadmills, rowers, Max Trainers, and more. Want to be stronger? Flaman stocks plenty of premium dumbells, kettlebells, barbells, weight plates, home gyms, cages and racks. Hard workouts are a great way to get in shape, but play can also make your life longer and healthier - not to mention a lot more fun. Our stores offer top-name leisure products like paddleboards, and home massage options to relax those muscles and help you wind down at the end of your active day. Meanwhile, our playground selection offers the trampolines, playsets, and other outdoor equipment that draws both kids and adults out into the sunshine.

You’ll find top names like Nautilus, Schwinn, Spirit, and TuffStuff, as well as the versatile MD Buddy Line and our own Progression Line. “Where’s Bowflex?” You ask. Oh, it’s here, too. In fact, Flaman Fitness has the largest Bowflex showroom in Canada.

But finding the best equipment for your needs means more than just rounding up the big names. Flaman is also always looking for the next exciting equipment innovation that will move fitness forward. That interest in improving everyone’s health is shared by our Commercial Sales division, which supplies the gyms and workout areas of community fitness organizations, schools, condo associations and more. And because our interest in your wellness doesn’t end with the sale, our after-sales service provides ongoing support for you and your purchase. That covers everything from workout tips and advice on getting the most from your equipment to our service team’s great work addressing equipment problems and helping with preventative maintenance. We pride ourselves on providing big-time care the big box guys can’t match. Our customer feedback proves that it doesn’t go unnoticed:


Dedicated Fitness Experts


So who can keep track of all that equipment? Our sales staff can, that’s who. Fitness isn’t a sideline here. You won’t find our weights, squat racks and elliptical machines mixed in with bulk foods or automotive supplies. Our sales professionals know every machine inside and out – and will have plenty of important details to share with you. Through regular education from our manufacturers and constant communication, our sales team stays in the loop on all new equipment coming to Flaman Fitness. They’re able to absorb all this new info (and retain a mental inventory of existing products) because they’re familiar with every piece of equipment on the showroom floor and how it works.

They’re also familiar with how humans work – the physiology behind cardio, muscle development and rehabilitative exercise. Many of our sales professionals have backgrounds in personal training, sports and physical culture. They’re also well acquainted with the fitness cultures of the communities they serve – a knowledge that also guides our purchasing.

So whether you live in a hockey haven or a paddleboarding paradise, we’ll have the equipment and accessories to help you make the most of it. Of course, when you drop by to see these fantastic new products, you’ll also get the details on how to put them to their best use.

Giving Back to the Community


The key to understanding a community is staying involved. That doesn’t end with offering the inventory or the information for streamlining fitness journeys. It extends to an ongoing interest in the wellness of the community as a whole. Our stores and their staff members support local sports teams and support great causes like women’s shelters and our valued first responders and frontline healthcare workers.

The spirit of doing good originated with our founder, Frank J. Flaman. Last year, as we celebrated the 60th anniversary of the company he founded, employees were encouraged to participate in 60 Acts of Kindness – an initiative created to celebrate our customers, our staff and the communities that have grown with us. For several months, employees shared their acts of kindness to inspire more random kindness in our stores and throughout the communities we serve. It’s in keeping with the working environment of the Flaman Group of Companies – where employees are encouraged to be considerate, respectful and helpful to each other as well as our valued customers.

Our founder set a high standard to follow. His Frank J. Flaman Foundation raises money for good causes like Zebra Child Protection, Child, Adolescent and Family Mental Health (CASA) and Boys and Girls Clubs/Big Brothers and Big Sisters. Donations are given out every year at the Frank J. Flaman Foundation Annual Gala, held at cities with Flaman locations. The Flaman Foundation also helps with international causes like child literacy, food security and safe drinking water. The foundation is funded by Frank's share of the profits from the Flaman Group of Companies and through the much-appreciated generosity of private donors.


Supporting Local and Canadian Business

The Flaman Group of Companies has six decades of experience serving Canadian customers – starting in 1959, when Frank Flaman sold his first piece of agricultural equipment in Southey, Saskatchewan. Although the Canadian business landscape has changed since then, Canadians’ appreciation for personalized, knowledgeable service and products chosen to meet their needs has not. So both of those qualities were infused into Flaman Fitness when it began in the early 1990s. Flaman customers will also appreciate our drive to offer more Canadian-made products. We’re proud to provide Canadian equipment manufactured with Canadian users in mind – and back it with a level of service that helps our wonderful customers stay on track pursuing their goals:


Experience the Flaman difference for yourself.

Call and schedule an appointment to visit your nearest Flaman Fitness Location. Talk to our experienced and knowledgeable sales staff about your fitness goals and requirements. Discover the many options available, and let our experts help you find the best possible solution to help you live a healthier, fuller life.

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