How to do Lunges

This video will show you how to do lunges, using your own body weight and also with a dumbbell.  

Please read these health and safety precautions before starting any exercise.

This exercise targets these muscles:

  1. Hamstrings
  2. Quads

Equipment Requirements:

  1. Dumbells

    1. See our lineup of weight sets.
      1. Products shown are the rubber hex dumbbells.
      2. See below for more information.

Videography by: Twisted Pair Productions

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Trainer: Brad Provick and Nadine Robins

How to do regular lunges:

1. Body position 

  1. Straight back 
  2. Neutral head 
  3. Don’t let front knee go past your toes 


2. Exercise 

  1. Lunges are a common lower body exercise because they are relatively easy and they target the main muscle groups of hamstrings and quads all in one motion.  
  2. You can do them in a forward or a reverse lunge to mix it up and fine-tune the muscles being targeted. 
  3. Front lunge: Standing with your feet shoulder width apart, straight back, and neutral head, you can use your body weight and have your hands by your sides or crossed over your chest.  
  4. You can also add some weight with dumbbells or kettlebells held by your sides or a barbell on your shoulders. 
  5. For forward lunges, you will take one BIG step forward and lower yourself to the ground. 
  6. Biggest mistakes to watch for - don’t bounce your back knee off the ground. Lower to the ground until your knee is just above but not touching.  
  7. Other big mistake – make sure your front knee is STRAIGHT and not Valgus, or leaning in towards the center line of your body. Your goal is to isolate your quads and hamstrings and when you go Valgus it really takes away from that muscle isolation. 
  8. The other thing to watch for is that your front knee doesn't go past your toes, but rather stays over top of them. Think of lowering your upper body straight down instead of down on a forward angle. 

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