How To Lose Weight – Choosing The Right Equipment

So you’re fed up with the extra pounds that are slowing you down. You want to get into shape but don’t know where to start. First off, you should always eat properly. In addition to getting proper nutrition, building muscle and a cardio workout will help you reach your weight loss goals.

1. Building muscle is important because more muscle mass → higher metabolism. Higher metabolism → higher calorie burn. Do a basic weight routine before your cardio workout to burn off the easy calories and use a cardio workout to burn those stubborn fat cells.

2. Find a cardio workout that works for you! It is important to find the cardio equipment that matches you so your $600+ investment doesn’t become a clothes rack. Here are some options of cardio machines and how to determine what would suit you best.

  • Treadmill – for someone who is a runner or walker. It’s easy and simple and Flaman Fitness’ entire in home treadmill selection fold up for easy maneuvering or storage. Basic inclines of 10-15% will increase calorie burn and help build your leg muscles too.
  • Elliptical or Cross Trainer – for someone who likes running or walking but has bad joints and could benefit from a lower impact workout. Moveable handles encourages arms to be more active in the workout, which will translate to more calories used.
  • Incline Trainer – for the runner walker who wants to focus on toning legs while getting a maximum calorie burn. This machine goes up to a 30 - 40% incline which multiplies that extra calorie burn you get from a 10-12% incline. Steep incline also helps tone calves, quads, hamstring and glute muscle groups.
  • Bike – for the person who needs a heart-pumping workout but is not a big fan of running or likes the added safety of being seated.

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