Looking For A Treadmill? Read These Treadmill Reviews

When you are looking for a treadmill, it is not always the prettiest, fastest and most expensive/cheapest that you should get. In this post we will look at a few treadmill reviews. But first, when you are looking at buying a treadmill, you need to consider a few things before you jump into purchasing one:

  • Who is going to be using it? If it is just yourself and you are walking, you probably do not need the biggest and fastest. However, on the other side of things, if there is a family of 4 and someone is training for a marathon and you know it will be getting a lot of use, get something that will have a good warranty and one that has a longer belt (what you are running on).
  • Running or Walking? If it is just for walking as mentioned above, you probably don’t need a long belt and an entry level treadmill will be fine. If you are a taller person and you like running, go with a longer belt and bigger motor.


  • Commercial or Residential? Commercial means it will be in a condo, apartment or gym. You get different warranties and normally the treadmill will NOT flip up (store away). In a residential setting, you do not have someone running on it 3-14 hours a day so you do not necessarily need the biggest and best and normally those treadmills will flip up to save space.


These are the basics to think about when you are purchasing a treadmill. I will review 3 of our popular treadmills from entry level, a solid residential one and commercial treadmill.

Entry Level Treadmill Review:

The first option is the Spirit XT185, which is a great in home treadmill for running and walking with a 2.75 HP motor and 55” x 20” belt. It goes up to 10 mph and features a 10% incline. This treadmill won’t break the bank and will get you moving to a healthier lifestyle.

The next step up is the Spirit XT285. The reason I am mentioning this in the article is because it is very similar to the XT185 but it has a bigger belt at 60” x 20” and the motor is a 3 HP. This may not seem like a difference but I am 6’2” and trying to run on the XT185 is manageable but if you have ever run on a treadmill you know you can wander a little so having that extra few inches makes a huge difference and you get a few more functions and programs.

Mid Range Treadmill Review:

The Nautilus T618 is personally my favorite treadmill that Flaman Fitness has to offer. I am an avid runner but with running comes injuries and after years and years it does come with a price. The best feature of the T618 is the Exclusive Rebound ™ Cushioning System, which is like running on bark mulch. This makes your run soft and smooth so it is unlike anything you have ever run on before. It is easier on the joints, hips, knees, back and neck.

The belt is 60” x 20” so it is great for running and walking and will last. The motor is 3.5 HP and goes to 12 mph and increases to 15% grade. Ideal for interval training and is quiet enough where you can still watch TV.


Commercial Treadmill Review

This is when the price tag increases but you get what you pay for with quality and warranty for people who are using the treadmill up to 10 hours a day. Our newest line is the Matrix and there are two options with the T50 and T70.

The best part about Matrix is that you can customize your treadmill the way you want. There are 3 different options for consoles: XR, XER, and XIR that will allow you to do a number of functions and features but the best part is that they all offer the “Sprint 8” feature. With only 20 minutes 3 times a week it is proven to burn fat and kill calories! Let me warn you that it is a hard 20 minutes so do not take it lightly and always consult a physician before starting exercise.

Matrix was also awarded the “Brand of the Year” by The Fitness Professor and voted Top Ten 2017 Best Buy Treadmills. The brand speaks for itself and if you are looking to outfit your gym, apartment or even home (they offer very nice residential products as well), look at this first and go try one out at our many locations.

Overall Thoughts

Remember before going to buy a treadmill:

Bring your running shoes and gear and try the treadmill first! Every Flaman Fitness location has lots of treadmills that you can try and talk to one of our knowledgeable staff members and they will help find the right treadmill for you.

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