Modern Bow-mance Falling in love with a Bowflex Elliptical

It’s easy to fall in love with a Bowflex Elliptical Trainer. Every model promises to take good care of your heart, bring out the best in you and make the work you do together seem like fun. But it’s much harder to pick the ONE – especially now that the very engaging and intuitive LateralX LX3 has entered the picture.

In the end, it comes down to lifestyle. Which one of these three worthy suitors fits best into yours?

Bowflex BXE116 – Easy going and family-minded: With one-touch control over 20 levels of resistance, this one will easily win over your whole family. Gentle and gracious, the BXE116 offers a whisper-quiet, 30-pound flywheel, motorized incline and wide, padded peddles to pamper all your hard-working joints.Soon, you’ll open your heart to its handgrip monitors and use its Bluetooth digital connectivity to share details of your healthy relationship with training tools like RunSocial and Daily Burn.

Bowflex Max Trainer M5 – The Adventurous one: Being part elliptical and part stepper, the Max Trainer M5 is the lively “climb every mountain” type.With a variety of premium grips, it literally takes you by the hands and leads you on a variety of elliptical adventures, including the 14-minute Max Interval workout. It makes the most of the often-short time you can spend together, leaving you with lasting upper body, lower body and metabolic benefits to remember fondly.

Bowflex LateralX LX3 – Attentive and considerate: While this one appreciates how hard you work all week, it also recognizes how that desk job can leave your muscles unprepared for your leisure-time activities. To keep your pleasures pain-free, the LX3 will have the perfect preventative exercise routine waiting when you get home. Using three-way lateral movement - gliding from side to side, pushing and pulling, standing and squatting – this machine thoughtfully prepares the muscles you’ll need for the things you love to do.

Still can’t decide? Make a date with all three at the Flaman Fitness location near you.

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