Ready To Do Anything... Even Mudd!

Last week I was in Toronto for a very quick 24 hours doing my training with The Shopping Channel. Honestly, it was so helpful and I was really glad it was done two weeks in advance. If you're curious, I did cry when telling my story to my trainer... when I am nervous and speaking to someone that doesn't already know me trying to explain who I was, it just crushes me. It's weird to think of 'that person' now so it just drives all the real emotion. I kept it together pretty good, but just couldn't stop those tears from falling.

Oh and I also spilled coffee on my white pants right when I got there in true Chandell fashion, so why I thought white pants would be a good idea is beyond me - but way to meet the vice president and the buyer and all these important people with a coffee stain- Chandellisms.

The biggest thing I took away from the training was: Try not to have "praying hands" (when I do my nervous clap hold in front of my belly) it looks very awkward, like you can see my nervousness. When they played me talking back that was the most noticeable. Other than that be myself, including the way I speak with all my 'ums' and 'likes' and to be mentally prepared with what I want to talk about, don't just plan to 'wing it.' Everyone that I met with the company and my trainer were so so nice and really welcomed me, so it was such a nice experience, not to mention they office is very swanky.

When I got home I was feeling like I was ready to do anything. This Shopping Channel live show is scary to me but I am doing it because I know I can! So when I got home I told my husband we are registering for this obstacle race Oct 3rd in Regina! I don't know that Lorne was all for it to start, but he knows how much I wanted to try this so he said OK!

About a week ago a friend my husband use to play junior hockey with had messaged me to see if I had heard about this MUDD SWEAT TEARS race coming to Regina - truthfully I had, but just the sound of it made me so intimidated. I see all these people doing obstacle races and they look amazing but I didn't think I could ever do something like that. First I don't pretend to be a runner, I can do it but it will never be something I love, not to mention a 5k is a long run for me. Then Kurt who messaged me is a SERIOUS athlete, this guy raced in Canada's Death Race (which is 125km!!) and was 10 minutes off the third leg (65 kms!!) to continue. He is a personal trainer at Fit Living in Regina and is a total workout beast, on top of all that he's one of the nicest guys. He is so passionate about health and fitness that it really shows in everything he does. So how could I race in this with guys like him, I thought.


I went on Mudd Sweat Tears Facebook page and saw some pictures from their previous race in Kelowna, which I strongly encourage you to look at!

To me this race looks like a challenge, something to work for but still FUN! There is the option of a 5k or a 10k so you can really set what kind of challenge you want. What's even better Kurt at Fit Living has created a 5 week training program for home workouts & gym workouts to get you ready for this race! I just got mine and let me tell you I am excited to start! Now making it all easier to register Mudd Sweat Tears is offering my readers a $10 off code MSTREG-BOWFLEX. So legit, no reasons not to now!

And if you want Kurt's 5 week training program contact him here

Lorne and I are running the 5k with a 9:30 am start so I hope to see you there too, I am nervous and excited but trust me when I say if I think I can do this, so can you!!

On the weekend we ran a colour 5k run in Estevan - my amazing almost 8 year old nephew Easton did the whole 5k and Penn ran the whole last km. So proud of these little guys and it was soooo much fun, just shows that you really can get active and have fun with your family!


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