Reviewing The Spirit XT Treadmill Line

What do you look for when you're looking for a new treadmill? Do you want something that looks good? The one with the fastest running speed? Do you want something affordable, or is money no object?  

Before you go in and buy something you'd really like, stop and consider what you really need. Chances are they'll line up with the considerations that created the Spirit XT line of treadmills. Questions you should ask include:  


Who will use it and how will it be used? 

Is it just you or are you sharing it with family or roommates? Will the user or users be looking for something to start getting into exercise, maintain or advance their cardio fitness, or go for the gusto? How does it measure and display workout information like heart rate data? 

The more and the harder your treadmill will be put to use, the more you'll want to invest in features like a longer belt and a bigger motor. They're also valuable for taller users who may weigh more and need more belt under their longer running stride.  

Where will you be putting it? 

Will you be using it in a residential or commercial setting? 

In residential settings like your home apartment or garage, you'll have to consider how owning a treadmill will impact the rest of your day-to-day activities. Factors like limited available space may prompt you to look at something that folds and rolls away for easy, compact storage.  

In a commercial facility like a gym or office/condo workout room, treadmills stay where they're put. The issues are durability and longevity - especially when each machine is in use 3-14 hours a day.  

How Three Spirit XT Line Treadmills Measure Up 


Spirit XT185 Treadmill 

The XT185 offers a 2.75 HP motor and 55" x 20" inch belt. That's great for most users, but taller individuals may want a longer belt when they're running full out, while heavier users may want more motor power during more strenuous workouts.  

The rest of the treadmill is solid (award-winningly so) and, like all Spirit products, it features highest-quality components, easily replaceable parts, and a build that can flex where it needs to for longer product life. When you're done the XT185 deck flips up for rollaway storage. The warranty has been called "unbeatable" for treadmills in its price range. 

Warranty: Frame - Lifetime / Motor - Lifetime / Deck - Lifetime / Parts - 5 years / Labor - 1 Year 

Features: 6 workout programs, hand pulse sensors for heart rate monitoring, 7,5" bright blue backlit display screen, workout tracking and summary, adjustable cooling fan, easy-to-reach buttons to control 10 incline levels and speeds ranging from 0.5 to 10 mph. 

Dimensions:  77.5" L x 35" W x 57.5" H / 229.3 lbs 

Folded Dimension: 42.5" L x 35" W x 69" H 

Running Belt: 55" x 20" 

Maximum User Weight: 275 lbs. 

Conclusion: Great entry-level treadmill for small-to-average-sized users to walk or run on. Taller/heavier users interested in walking and light running may also enjoy using it. No "bells and whistles" features offered by other treadmills, but you'll get a serious, straightforward workout at a lower price.  Learn more about the XT185 and its features here.


Spirit XT285 Treadmill 

If the XT185 sounded wonderful, but you're a taller/heavier user, you're in luck. The XT285 Treadmill offers the same solid but flexible construction, durability, easy-to-use controls, and convenient storage. But it also offers a 3.0 HP motor, a 60" long running belt and more load capacity. 

It also ups the ante with feature upgrades. These include extra heart rate programs and levels of incline, faster top running speed, Bluetooth connectivity, and an audio speaker system. Not surprisingly, this is also an award winner.  

Warranty: Frame - Lifetime / Motor - Lifetime / Deck - Lifetime / Parts - 5 years / Labor - 1 Year 

Features: 7 workout programs, hand pulse sensor and wireless chest strap for heart rate monitoring, bright blue backlit display screen, adjustable cooling fan, dual audio speakers and jack, easy-to-reach buttons to control 12 incline levels and speeds ranging from 0.5 to 12 mph.  

Dimensions:  77.5" L x 35" W x 57.5" H / 229.3 lbs 

Folded Dimension: 42.5" L x 35" W x 69" H 

Running Belt: 60" x 20" 

Maximum User Weight: 350 lbs. 

Conclusion: A nice step up from the XT185. It costs more, but you'll have more convenient heart rate monitoring, more music, and fitness app connectivity - not to mention a more challenging workout.  


Spirit XT485ENT Treadmill 

The XT485ENT Treadmill is an upgraded version of the XT485, which had at least one reviewer wondering if it was the "perfect treadmill." That question arose from a list of favorable specifications, including: 

  • A powerful 4.0 HP motor 
  • A 22" by 60" running belt, long enough for bigger runners to go full tilt and wide enough for them to veer a little.  
  • Can carry users weighing up to 425 lbs. 
  • And it STILL folds up and rolls off for easy storage! 

How do you improve on that? That's where the "ENT" part comes in. A 10.1" touchscreen is your window to an ideal combination of entertainment and workout functions. You can toggle through over 30 on-board programs and workout controls, access preloaded apps (including Netflix, YouTube, CNN) or connect to top third-party fitness apps via your Bluetooth FTMS connection.  

Both the XT485 and XT485ENT are - you guessed it - award-winning treadmills, covered by industry-leading warranties. 

Warranty: Lifetime on Frame, motor, and deck/10 Years on parts/1 Year Labor 

Features: Full-Color 10.1" Touchscreen with screen mirroring, 9 workout programs, up to 12 custom and built-in apps, 9 feedback settings, built-in audio speaker system, handlebar speed and incline buttons, hand pulse sensor and wireless chest strap heart rate monitoring, cooling fan, access to streaming information and entertainment services 

Dimensions:  82" L x 35" W x 57" H / 285 lbs 

Folded Dimension: 48.8" L x 34.8" W x 70.9 " H 

Running Belt: 60" x 20" 

Maximum User Weight: 425 lbs. 

Conclusion: If your budget and your available space are up for a premium treadmill experience, the XT485ENT can deliver it. Just make sure you are, too. Even with the entertainment features, the main selling point here is a workout to challenge higher-level athletes. If you don't consider yourself one, the other two XT home treadmill options can provide an amazing workout with benefits for both your upper and lower body.  

Still need help deciding? 


Experience the Spirit XT Treadmill line at Flaman Fitness. 

 Do you think you'd like to take a high-quality XT treadmill home but want to learn more about the best model for you? Our treadmill experts are ready with advice based on your space, budget, goals and fitness level. Call or visit your nearest Flaman Fitness location to see and try these highly durable, often awarded, and magnificently warrantied machines for yourself.   


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