Selling Your Offspring ON Spring: Four Fun, Fit Family Activities to Get Your Kids Outdoors

Sure we live in exceptional times, but that’s no reason for you and your family to stay cooped up like chickens. Influence your little birds to fly from their cozy winter nests with four fun spring activities your family can enjoy out among the robins and meadowlarks.


1. Hula Hoops

Your kids might already be enthused about these affordable, portable portholes of fun, thanks to their major presence on Tik Tok. Don’t miss out on sharing the fun if you're an adult who never mastered the hula hoop. You can buy a bigger hoop or make one out of two or three smaller hoops. It will take longer to swing around your hips, giving you a physical advantage over gravity. Your kids might be glad to give you pointers - making for a great bonding experience. You can challenge each other to keep your hoop spinning the longest or do the fanciest trick. You might not win, but you'll lose inches off your waist while boosting your balance and strengthening your lower body and core. If those benefits suit you, you can get more of them using a weighted hula hoop.

These amusing loops don't always have to orbit your hips to help create healthy fun. Hula hoops can also be used as step markers for backyard games like hopscotch or “hot lava,” as substitutes for skipping ropes, or as targets for throwing games.


2. Disc Golf

This game actually gained players over the last year, due to its naturally COVID-compliant gameplay. (It's easy to stay socially distant, and there’s even a rule against touching other players’ discs.) The biggest slump in its rising popularity occurred when too many new participants started crowding available courses, which had to be closed. Families have discovered it’s a great game for them, too – and have found ways to adapt it for time, available space and their children's definitions of fun.

The proper game basically plays like golf, with a lot of ground to cover, course obstacles, and as many ways to throw as there are clubs in a golf bag. All that walking, sunshine, fresh air, strategizing, wrist action, and frequent body contorting pays off in a ton of physical, social and cognitive benefits.

These are all great things for kids to have, although they might not be up for 18 holes. If you want to kid-size the fun, you can purchase targets and other equipment for your own backyard or camping trip mini-course. You can even make a game of throwing at a single official target (or a spot on a tree marked with ribbons or chalk) from different angles and distances.


3. Paddleboarding

This recreational activity has gained popularity for the many full-body benefits it delivers. While your upper body paddles and steers, your lower body stabilizes your weight and your core keeps you balanced. Stand-up paddleboarding (or SUP) is excellent cardio, burns twice the calories of walking, and also provides all those sunshine-and-fresh air benefits (don’t forget the sunscreen!) It’s low impact, stress-relieving and easy to master – making it a great family outing.

Planning is key. You’ll want to find the right board or boards – something durable and easy to carry. You could be using your selection for years, so figure the growth of your kids into your decision. Once you have your board, it’s time to plan your trip. Is your paddling area safe for your family? Does everyone have a life jacket, ankle leash and other safety equipment? Safety considerations are doubled while covid’s still an issue. Avoid unnecessary contact with others by packing your snacks, water, and other necessities at home or at least close to home rather than stopping somewhere along the way. You’ll also have to consider other potential contact points like parking lots and boat launches. It’s easy to forget these things when an isolated spot on a lake seems so far from it all. Taking care of the details beforehand will allow you to fully enjoy the tranquillity you've imagined.


4. Trampolines

Trampolines have a lot to offer kids - everything from aerobic benefits to better balance to improved digestion and immunity. Naturally, what the kids are interested in is the hours of fun. Just make sure it's safe. Many trampolines are now equipped with netting and other safety features, so parents have less to worry about. However, it’s still good to be around, especially when you have kids of various ages and you want to make sure they’re all having a good time.

Your littlest trampolinists might not be ready for those crazy bounces yet. Fortunately, there are a variety of games to help different numbers of kids - ranging in age from tots to teens - enjoy themselves while they learn to bounce and gain confidence in their abilities. Just make sure your kids are mindful of each other and that they avoid any foolhardy stunts that can cause an injurious collision or unfortunate landing. It also doesn’t hurt to keep your trampoline clean and disinfected, even if it is just your immediate family using it. Keeping it safe is keeping it fun.


Step out into spring on the right foot. The experts at Flaman Fitness can guide you to some great equipment choices for your family’s ultimate outdoor escape. Call or visit your nearest Flaman Fitness location.


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