Stepping Into The Boxing Ring For Charity

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One of our salesmen is stepping into the ring to raise money for a local charity through a social boxing match.

Fight 4 The Cause is a charity boxing classic in Victoria, B.C. that pits local personalities against each other for a good cause. This year's main charity is The Mustard Seed, a non-profit that fights hunger and poverty on Vancouver Island.

Flaman's own Paul Clare will be boxing in the event, a red-carpet gala that takes place at the Victoria Conference Centre on November 22.

“Our store is new on the island, and we were approached to be a sponsor for a contender," he explains. “We were struggling to find someone to fight when Aaron (the store manager) suggested that I do it. I said, 'why not?'"

Every year Paul sets personal goals for himself – last year he ran his first marathon. He says participating in this boxing match fit in perfectly with his goal setting for the year. It allowed him to step out of his comfort zone, learn things and experience a different kind of work out. Paul underwent an intense seven-week training session to prepare for the fight.

“You have to learn a lot in a short space of time," he says. They did circuit training, ran up and down stairs and even did press ups in the ocean. One of the main pieces of equipment he used while training was a simple skipping rope he got from Flaman Fitness. He also trained at the store after hours sometimes, using a Sports Art Treadmill and a Progression exercise bike.

“The training was humbling, I consider myself fit but this is an entirely different type of fitness on a different level," says Paul. “When you're boxing you're going at your peak performance level for 2 minutes at a time, then you rest for 30 seconds and then you're back at it."

Paul says he's excited, nervous and feeling a multitude of emotions as the match draws near. But he adds it's been an amazing experience and he's met some great people on this journey.

At Flaman Fitness, we want to help you on your own fitness journey – whether it's training for a boxing match, your first half marathon or helping you get in shape. You have your own reasons and your own goals – come talk to our experts in store and they'll help you take the first steps.

For more info about Fight 4 the Cause, visit

Check out our line of boxing equipment here.

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