Why the Xebex Air Rower 2.0 Keeps Pulling in Awards

In this three-part series, we’ll examine how Xebex Fitness is staking its claim as a leading manufacturer of quality cross-training and HIIT equipment – and how three Xebex products are backing that claim with some fantastic goal-achieving features.


PART 2: The Feature-Rich, Affordable Xebex Air Rower 2.0


For over three decades, Xebex Fitness has staked its claim as “The Best Cross Training HIIT Brand ” with equipment designed to rapidly produce results – usually in an energy-efficient, economical and energy-efficient manner. That creative philosophy shows in many remarkable Xebex exercise machines, three of which are profiled in this series. They’ve been picked based on their ability to provide the multi-muscle group targeting benefits and cardio kick of cross-training plus the impressive short-burst-and-recovery results of high-intensity interval training (HIIT). One product’s ability to deliver these goods has made it a three-time award winner.


The Xebex Air Rower 2.0


Benefits of Air Rowers: Many users choose air rowers over other rowing options like hydraulic-piston, magnetic, water, and air/magnetic rowers because it's more comfortable, convenient and challenging than less expensive models while comparing well with the more expensive options. Like the air bike, air rowers use a fan up front that creates more drag the harder you row. The Xebex Air Rower2.0 and other superior models offer a damper that you can use to further adjust resistance. Air rowers produce a louder “whoosh” than the stealthy magnetic resistance option. Still, it's not all that loud, so if a little extra noise isn’t an issue, you can enjoy a more realistic rowing feel – very close to that of water rowers that are usually more expensive. It’s also lighter, and unlike hydraulic rowers, there’s no risk of fluid leakage.

What Xebex brings to the game: The Xebex Air Rower 2.0 is winning approval because it offers top-of-the-line features at a price that makes it easier to bring home. As mentioned, it offers variable resistance plus 10-levels of damper selection. Its comprehensive, easy-to-read console shows a multitude of programs, including competition racing, interval/Tabata, target time, target distance, target calories, target strokes, and target heart rate. Its pull handle is hooked to a stainless steel chain, which makes for a very smooth pull – and with no slack to work out, you’re rowing as soon as you start pulling back.

The rest of the rower, like that rust-resistant chain, is built to last – with heavy-duty powder-coated steel, durable plastic and an aluminum rail that’s strong and arrow-straight enough to keep you sliding comfortably for many, many workouts to come. A contoured seat helps with that, featuring a lip at the back to keep your butt in place. Your feet will enjoy the same feature on the footplates – and if your feet are wide and/or long, you’ll appreciate the width of these plates (broader than that of upscale competitors) and the easy length adjustments via orange tabs on the sides. As with the bike pedals, it takes only a simple tug on the foot strap to keep each tootsie securely in place no matter how hard you row.

When you do, you’ll find this solid machine isn’t going anywhere. It’s built not to rock or rattle, which makes it heavier than flimsier rowers, but it folds up quickly – hinging in the centre, thanks to push-pin convenience and a sturdy handle exactly where you need it. Some users prefer its stow-away design to the tip-on-end proposition of upscale competitors, which is only compact until it hits a low ceiling. Four wheels on the bottom of the 2.0 make for an easy roll to your storage spot.

It’s an excellent choice for users of all skill levels and a three-time (consecutive) recipient of FitProf’s Best Buy Award for Treadmills under $1000 (US).

In Part 3, we’ll explore how Xebex approaches treadmill design, with two products that lay the power and the pace at your feet.


See the Air Rower 2.0 and other top Xebex Fitness products at Flaman Fitness.


Cross-training. HIIT. Strength. Xebex Fitness has spent 30 years creating leading-edge equipment to meet a variety of fitness goals. Our experts are ready to show you the award-winning Air Rower and other products that have cemented Xebex’s reputation as a fitness innovator and industry leader. Call or visit your nearest Flaman Fitness location to learn more.

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