The Xebex Strength-Training Line Flexes Its Muscle

Over its storied 30-plus-year history, Xebex Fitness has made quite a name for itself, living up to its reputation as the leading "Cross-Training HIIT Brand." It's gotten hearts healthily pumping with its competition-level air rowers, air bikes, ski trainers, and non-motorized treadmills.

Its command of high-intensity interval training is unquestionable, but what about the strength-training aspects of cross-training? The leg-day squats that help your run a little faster, the pull-ups that keep your back strong and flexible. Never fear, Xebex has you covered – spotted might be a more accurate word – with some rugged strength-training equipment designed to rack whatever you want to lift.


Power Cages


Since strength training is about offering every user the best chance for improvement, Xebex provides something for both beginners and advanced lifters. The sturdy, reliable and straightforward Xebex Pro Power Cage gives novice users everything they need to start building muscle safely and effectively – j-cups, safety spots and bumper plate storage – at an affordable price.

For more experienced lifters, The Xebex Goliath Power Cage offers 3" X 3" steel tubing construction, suitable for a home gym or commercial facility. Equipped with a pull-up bar and back stabilizing bar, it's also compatible with several optional accessories. So you'll have a wide range of exercise options in one compact, rock-solid piece of equipment.

Product availability will vary by store. Call your local Flaman Fitness location for details.


Squat Racks

Whatever you're lifting, Xebex squat racks have your back. They're available in one-piece and two-piece configurations. Both are solidly built, have broad, stable bases and feature quick and easy steel-pin height adjustments, which also make them collapsible and easy to store. Those wide, sturdy bases feature rubber padding to hold your squat rack solidly in place so your floor won't suffer any scratches, and you'll also be protected. Your spotter arms are also padded, protecting your bar as well as themselves. Although each can rack up an impressive weight load, they don't take much space to do it.

Product availability will vary by store. Call your local Flaman Fitness location for details.


Wall-Mounted Racks


Xebex Wall-Mounted Racks offer strength, durability, and any-time access without imposing on your room space. They just do it in different ways. The Xebex Wall-Mount Rack accomplishes this with uprights that stick out a not-at-all-whopping 6" from your wall. Its most intrusive feature – an angled pull-up bar – juts in only 35", but it's also 90" off the floor, so only very tall people or those with stovepipe hats need to look out for it. Meanwhile, the Xebex Wall-Mounted Folding Rack swings out from or folds neatly against your wall. Its quick pin/hinge system saves time as well as space. Those pins securely hold your rack in place when it's folded out to its full 25" depth – plenty of room for kipping pull-ups.

With solid 3" x 3" 11-gauge uprights, heavy-duty pull-up bars and sturdy attachments for resting your bar, both of these compact racks are built to withstand your wildest workout. Just make sure the same can be said for your wall and your mounting hardware (and don't forget to leave some headroom!)

Product availability will vary by store. Call your local Flaman Fitness location for details.


 It's incredible how many exercise options you can add to your cage or rack routine by adding a bench – a point Xebex Fitness hasn't missed. Whether the company's engineers are designing a utility flat bench or offering a variety of angled positions, you can expect stability, durability, ergonomic functionality, and comfort - plus easy transport and storage.

The Xebex Power Flat Bench 2.0 features three inches of padding and a sturdy tripod-style frame. It's ideal for dumbbell or barbell bench presses and functional exercises like Bulgarian split squats and bench dips. If you're looking for different workout positions, the Xebex Heavy Duty Flat and Incline Bench (FIB) offers three different seat positions. It also provides eight angles of incline – from a flat surface to nearly 90 degrees. It's built of solid steel for a heavyweight load, and it keeps you from sliding out from under it with an innovative slip-proof bench material. Both benches have wheels a sturdy handle for roll-away convenience when you're done working out.

Product availability will vary by store. Call your local Flaman Fitness location for details.


Weight Storage Racks

 Weights can do you a lot of good when you're lifting them, not so much when you're tripping over them or damaging your floor when you set them down. Xebex has a solution for that, too. The Xebex 3 Tier 54" Dumbbell Rack seats 21 to 27 dumbbells on three shelves lined with protective rubber.

Product availability will vary by store. Call your local Flaman Fitness location for details.


Experience the Strength of Xebex at Flaman Fitness.


Our strength-training experts are ready to answer your questions about the Xebex Strength line and other innovative Xebex products. Discover how three decades of equipment design and manufacturing experience can help you zero in on your fitness goals. Call or visit your nearest Flaman Fitness location today!

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