7 Tips To Eat Healthier

You've been working out and sticking to an exercise routine, but that's just one part of weight loss. All your hard work on your machine can be lost if you're not eating right.

Here are some tips on how you can eat healthy and avoid junk food!

  1. Meal prepping – planning your meals in advance (and even cooking some elements of the meal beforehand) will stop you from reaching for unhealthy fast food when you don't know what to have for supper. Even quick foods like microwave dinners or pizza pops can be full of added fat and sodium, so planning fresh meals can help you stay on track.
    • Cook chicken breasts the night before, then add them to fresh salad the next day for lunch or supper.
    • Cook up a few fish fillets and plan on having them a couple nights of the week, with different seasoning and sides.
  2. Cook more so you have leftovers – again, if you don't have good food on hand, you might turn to unhealthy fast food as a convenience. If you're cooking a healthy meal that you love for supper, make two portions and take one for lunch the next day.
  3. Keep fresh veggies and fruit on hand for snacks – when hunger strikes, it's so easy to reach for a quick and easy snack, like chips. But if you have cut up carrot sticks or berries ready to go in the fridge, it will be just as easy to grab those. And better for you.
    • Add low fat milk to your berries or a banana and make a fruit smoothie
  4. Keep junk food out of the house – sounds simple, but if it isn't in your pantry, you won't eat it. Keep your willpower strong when grocery shopping and avoid the chip/cookie aisle all together.
  5. Eat more fibre – it will help you feel full, so you won't eat more.
    • Try apples, broccoli or whole grain breads.
  6. Watch your liquid calories – pop and even fruit juice can be loaded with extra sugar and empty calories. Water is your best bet to stay hydrated. And remember, alcohol has a lot of empty calories too.
  7. Eat smaller meals more frequently - Rather than having three large meals a day and feeling hungry in between, eat smaller portions every few hours to curb hunger and stabilize sugar levels. You will most likely eat less overall.

And remember, if you really need to indulge, do it smartly. Don't eat a box of cookies, have one. Have a few spoonfuls of ice cream and not a large bowl. Denying yourself a little treat once in a while can lead to overindulging later on. And let's be honest, if you love sweets, it won't be realistic to cut them out completely. Just indulge in moderation.

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