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Results: 37 product(s)

Cages & Racks

Flaman Fitness has power cages and smith machines to help you with your weight lifting program. Smith Machines, Power Racks, and Squat Racks help you to perform powerful exercises using heavy weights in a controlled and safe manner. In addition to placing the weights in a good starting position, these machines and racks also include safety bars and stopping mechanisms to prevent injuries when working with heavy weights in these big muscle group exercises.

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Cages and racks are designed to assist the user in performing heavy exercises with proper form but also to provide safety to the user. They are typically built from a heavy steel framework that can take the force of large weights. The cages or racks have an open space between the uprights, providing adequate space for the user and their barbell, to perform the exercise movement.


Flaman offers Smith Machines from TuffStuff, Inspire Fitness, Progression Fitness, and X-plode including basic Smith Machines to complete packages that also incorporate many pulley system exercises. The Smith Machine includes a barbell that moves in a near vertical range of travel to control proper movement. Main exercises that can be performed on the Smith Machine include upright rows, shrugs, calf raises, seated press, bench press, incline bench press, close-grip bench press, front squats, and hack squats. Heavier weights can often be used as the user is not required to stabilize the weights as the bar is attached to a pair of collars that slide up and down to keep the bar in the optimal path of movement.

Squat Racks are designed to aid in the performance of squat exercises but can also be used for other exercises such as shrugs. The bar rests on an angled rack with stop pegs at various intervals to be used according to the height of the user. Adjustable safety arms reach out from the front of the squat rack and are positioned just below the bottom of the exercise movement to protect the user if muscle fatigue prevents the completion of the rep.

Power Cages provide a complete enclosure for the lifter including a safety bar extending from the front upright of the cage to the back upright of the cage frame. Safety bars are adjustable to meet the needs of the user for both height and for the range of movement in the exercise. The safety bars can also be used as barbell rests for other exercises such as shrugs or calf raises. By placing a bench inside the cage, exercises such as bench press and incline or decline bench press can also be performed to the point of muscle fatigue where the user can then simply lower the barbell to the safety bar upon completion. Flaman Fitness offers Power Cages from Tuff Stuff, Inspire Fitness and X-plode.