Simple (but effective) 20 minute do anywhere workout

It can be hard to get into a routine and make working out part of your regular schedule. If you are struggling with this you can rest-assured you are not alone. Often the biggest obstacle to working out is actually getting out the door and to the gym. Luckily there are a slew of options that you can do in your home or nearby park with just a few pieces of equipment that you can purchase quite easily at less than the price of a monthly gym membership.

The best way to help yourself be successful and stick to an exercise routine is to remove as many barriers as you can, making it as easy as possible to follow through on your intentions.

If getting out of your house and to the gym is a major challenge, make it easier by having some fitness gear at home and a few go-to workouts that you can do with limited space and time.

Today I am sharing a simple circuit that will help challenge your cardiovascular system, assist in improving your strength and leave you sweaty in 20 minutes or less!

For this circuit you will need 2 sets of dumbbells – one lighter and one heavier. The weights you choose will depend on your current strength & fitness levels.

To complete the circuit do the first exercise for 45 seconds with the heavier weights. Then swap your weights for the lighter pair and complete the second exercise for 30 seconds. Repeat the pair once more before moving on to the next pair of exercises (or complete each pair three times for an extra challenge!)

Rest up to 1 minute between sets if need be, but try to keep the pace quick, the goal is to challenge yourself in this short but effective workout. Here are the pairs of exercises: see below for photos and a brief description of the exercises if you aren’t familiar with them.

  • Bent Over Row
  • Push ups


  • Lunge Repeats
  • Mountain Climber


  • Squat Thurster
  • Reverse Wood Chopper


Bent over row

Start with palms towards each other, bent over & spine in neutral position. As you exhale, bring the weights up towards your chest.


Push up

Keep elbows towards body slightly at a 45′ angle. Inhale as you lower, exhale as you extend your arms. Use a bench or table if aren’t able to do full push ups yet. (Check out my blog on how to progress from a kneeling to a full push up!)


Lunge Repeats

Find your balance on your front foot and step back, having your heel up. As you inhale lower down, keeping the front knee aligned over the ankle. Exhale and stand up, pressing through your front heel.


Mountain Climber

Keep upper body stable as you move your legs in a running motion underneath your torso.


Squat Thruster

Hold weights above your shoulders and as you inhale, lower down into a squat. As you exhale, press through your heels and squeeze your bum as you stand and press the weights overhead.


Reverse Wood Chopper

Keep your lower body forward, as you twist through your obliques to the side. Inhale as you bring the weight to the side of your leg. Bring weight diagonally across body, exhale as you raise weight.



Marisa is BCRPA personal trainer and a fun-fitness-fanatic living the active dream in beautiful Vancouver, BC. She hikes, swims, runs, bikes, bootcamps & yoga's as much as possible, outdoors when possible, and believes everything is possible. Find her on the web at and on Facebook.

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