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Bowflex BXT7 Treadmill - 7" Touchscreen

$1,999.99$1,999.99 $1,999.99$1,999.99$1,999.99$1,999.99$1,999.99 $1,999.99$1,999.99$1,999.99 $1,999.9931% OFF
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Bowflex BXT7 Treadmill - 7" Touchscreen-Touchscreen Models-Bowflex-2
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Price Drop

Bowflex BXT7 Treadmill - 7" Touchscreen

$1,999.99$1,999.99 $1,999.99$1,999.99$1,999.99$1,999.99$1,999.99 $1,999.99$1,999.99$1,999.99 $1,999.9931% OFF


Bowflex BXT7 Treadmill: Where Innovation Meets Cardio Excellence 

The Bowflex BXT7 Treadmill is not just a piece of exercise equipment; it's your partner in the quest for a healthier, more active you. It dares you to push your limits, all while providing an escape into your world of entertainment, and it's there to ensure you stay committed to your long-term fitness goals. Whether you prefer a leisurely walk, a steady jog, or a spirited mad dash, the BXT7 is ready to be your daily companion on your journey to tackle new challenges and achieve your fitness aspirations. 


Built-In JRNY® Experience 

Try the JRNY All-Access Membership for 2 months, free. Fitness + fun with just-for-you adaptive workouts, inspiring trainers, streaming entertainment and much more. 


Personalized workouts delivered daily. 

Experience the power of tailored fitness with the Bowflex BXT7 Treadmill. The BXT7 offers individualized adaptive workouts that automatically adjust as your fitness level progresses. With real-time virtual coaching at your side, you'll receive guidance and motivation during every workout. Plus, the BXT7 takes the guesswork out of your sessions, automatically recalibrating time and difficulty to match your personalized fitness goals and how you're feeling on any given day. It's like having a personal trainer that customizes your exercise routine, making each day a step closer to your fitness aspirations. 


Thousands of workout possibilities to explore. 

Reach your goals with the guidance of a friendly virtual coach that keeps you in your target zones. 

Sweat it out with world-class trainers who inspire you. Experience a wide variety of time ranges and class types like HIIT, Recovery, and Endurance. 

Round out your routine with full-body workouts like yoga, Pilates, and strength. 

Explore the world through 200+ virtual courses at your own speed or experience them alongside your adaptive workouts. 


Escape with streaming entertainment. 

Experience adaptive workouts alongside your favorite streaming shows. With easy access to metrics, coaching, and more near the bottom of your touchscreen. Enjoy your favorite shows while you watch with Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, JRNY Radio.  

Need some music to help you power through a tough workout? JRNY radio has got the beats to match any musical mood and to keep you going. 


Evolve with all-in-one-tracking. 

Review your milestones, achievements, and personal bests in one convenient place. 


Key Features 

  • 7" interactive console 
  • 15% motorized incline 
  • Speed and incline knobs 
  • Heart rate hand grips 
  • Built-in media shelf 
  • Comfort Tech™ deck cushioning 
  • 20" W x 60" L running path 
  • Adjustable HD touchscreen (Wi-Fi connection required) 
  • Bluetooth® HR armband (included) 
  • Speeds up to 12 mph 
  • Built-in fan 
  • SoftDrop™ folding system 


Available at Flaman Fitness online or try before you buy at one of our locations. 



Motor Horsepower (HP): 1.9HP Motor (Motor is 2.5HP Capable but Restricted by Amperage From Home Outlets)

Speed Min: 0

Speed Max: 12

Incline Max: 15%

Incline Min: 0%

# of Programs: 10 Standard Programs

Mobile App Available: iOS & Android

Connection Type: Bluetooth & USB

AUX Input: No

Fan: Yes

Heart Rate Monitor: Yes

Display Type: 7" HD Touchscreen

TV Screen: Optional Upgrade

Other: Comfort Tech™ Deck Cushioning

Walking Surface Length (Inches): 60

Walking Surface Width (Inches): 20

Max User Weight (LB): 375

Footprint - Length: 84.6”

Footprint - Width (Inches: 36.3”

Footprint - Height (Inches): 55.2”

Machine Weight (LB): 280

Plug-in Requirements: Standard Outlet

Warranty: Frame/Motor: 15 Years, Parts/Electrical: 5 Years, Labor: 2 Years


*This product is not eligible for refund or exchange. These products come with a warranty provided by the manufacturer, Bowflex, and is subject to change as decided by the manufacturer. For technical support, troubleshooting or ordering parts, please contact Bowflex customer service at 1-800-605-3369

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