Progression 680 Spin Bike

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Progression 680 Spin Bike-Spin Bike-Progression Fitness-1
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Progression 680 Spin Bike

$499.00$499.00 $499.00$499.00$499.00$499.00$499.00$499.00$499.00$499.00$499.00 $499.00$499.00$499.00$499.00$499.00 $499.0044% OFF

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Get ready to embark on a journey to a healthier you with the Progression 680 Spin Bike 

Get ready to take an affordable but challenging journey to a healthier place. The Progression 680 Spin Bike excels with its tailored adjustability, real cycling feel, forward and backward pedaling and calorie burning ability. These combined attributes make the 680 spin bike a perfect addition to any fitness routine. 


Tailored Adjustability 

Want a bike that allows you to be in the most ergonomic position while achieving your desired results? The Progression 680 offers both vertical and horizontal seat and handlebar adjustment. This feature allows any sized cyclist to find the perfect riding position.  


Experience Real Cycling Feel 

Immerse yourself in the authentic sensation of cycling while safeguarding your knees with the Progression 680. Its one-piece steel 44lb flywheel ensures a velvety-smooth pedaling experience that's as real as it gets. 


Forward and Backward Pedaling 

The Progression 680 has a direct transmission that allows a rider to shift quickly from forward to backward pedaling instantly. This ability to pedal backwards brings up your heart rate for a great cardio workout while activating your quads. This feature allow you to build your strength and endurance just like an outdoor cyclist with the Progression 680.  


Feel the Burn 

The average cyclist can expect to burn and average of 260 calories in half an hour. Up the intensity and try the Progression 680 in a spin class to burn up to 600 calories. Add this spin bike to your current fitness routine and experience the health results of this stationary bike. This high quality stationary bike has easy-to-use adjustable resistance.  


Key Features 

  • Vertical and horizontal handlebars adjustability 
  • Adjustable vertical and horizontal seat 
  • Direct transmission for forward and backward pedaling 
  • Transport wheels for convenience 
  • Adjustable resistance knobs for light to heavy use 
  • One-piece steel flywheel for a real cycling feel and minimized knee stress. 


The Progression 680 bike earns top honors for its realistic pedaling sensation, user-friendly design, and calorie-burning capabilities. Kickstart your fitness routine and enjoy a realistic cycling experience at home with the Progression 680. 

Get yours exclusively at Flaman Fitness online, or try before you buy at one of our 19 locations across Canada. 


Progression Fitness 

Founded by Canadians to offer everyone the opportunity to reach their fitness goals. We made sure that our entire line-up offers everything you need no matter what your fitness dreams are. Offering affordable price points and a team dedicated to support your investment from beginning to end, Flaman Fitness has your back! 



Emergency Brake: Yes

Drive System: Chain

Pedals: Toe Strap, No SPD Clips

Seat Adjustment: Vertical, Horizontal

Handle Bar Adjustment: Vertical, Horizontal

Features: Transport Wheels

Flywheel Weight: 44LBS (20KG)

Max User Weight: 300LBS (136KG)

Footprint Length: 50" (127CM)

Footprint Width: 25.5" (65CM)

Footprint Height: 49" (124.5CM)

Machine Weight: 106LBS (48.6KG)

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