Progression Fitness: The Brand Designed For YOU

A whole fitness equipment brand designed for you? That may sound like a bold claim, but there’s a good explanation. 

Progression Fitness launched in 2007 as a Canadian equipment company serving Canadians. It made that unique clientele the focus of its equipment strategy. From the beginning, customer feedback has been instrumental in building the brand.  

It’s helped the company fill many gaps in the product offerings of other brands. Top-quality equipment could be priced out of the budget range of people who needed it. Not just dedicated commercial or home gym enthusiasts aiming for peak fitness, but also users starting their fitness journeys and those looking to rehabilitate after injury or illness.  

There were also gaps that left Canadian consumers short of a full-value complete home workout. Progression listened when its customers asked for a wider selection of equipment and accessories. And when those knowledgeable customers named specific products that could help everyone get fitter faster, Progression responded.  

Expanding to Make Exercise More Accessible 

The Progression line would form around the idea of introducing quality exercise equipment to everyone’s home gym at a reasonable price. That quality would be measured by its usability. Durability and functionality were and are key. So is keeping users comfortable with, and enthused about, their workouts.  

Progression expanded its offering with equipment that made pursuing long-term fitness goals as pleasant as achieving them. Its cardio line grew to incorporate feature-rich exercise bikes and rowers. The strength line offered an ever-wider selection of benches, cages, and free-weight options like barbells, dumbbells, and weight plates.  

The brand also expanded its selection of accessories for yoga, resistance training, and agility conditioning. These options made home workouts more accessible to users whose workouts were limited by space, budget, or time.   

Progression keeps progressing, thanks to you.  

Throughout its decade and a half, Progression Fitness's mission of offering quality products at competitive prices has remained the same. But the product lineup has changed significantly over the years, continually growing to meet market demands. Progression selectively seeks manufacturers who can readily supply the equipment our customers request and still meet Progression's high standard of quality.  

It's a standard you set, as existing products are revised and updated based on customer feedback. That's resulted in innovative equipment Progression’s proud to offer, including specialty weight benches and cages, and glute products.  


Today, spin bikes like the Progression 680 treat you to smooth pedaling and ergonomic seat and handlebar adjustments for a comfortable spin session. But they also challenge you with programs and resistance levels to keep your legs and heart pumping.  


The solidly built Progression Fitness Air Rower  gives beginners and advanced rowers alike a smooth but challenging workout. Featuring a chain drive and 10 air resistance levels, it targets select muscles while giving your cardio a significant boost.  When you’re done, this rower breaks down in two pieces and wheels away for compact standup storage.   

The Value of Your Opinion 

Customer feedback was instrumental in the development of Progression Fitness strength training products. It helped structure an Olympic Barbell line that includes the popular Apollo, Hercules, and women's Athena bars. That line also features specialty lifting equipment like the Hex Trap, Technique, and Curl bar. They provide users with more exercise options to spice up their workouts and target often-unused muscles.  


The materials used to construct Progression Steel Kettlebells, Rubber Hex Dumbbells and Rubber Bumper Plates have notably increased their longevity. The Apollo Men's CF Bar, along with the bumper Plates and dumbbells, have achieved a near 0% failure rate. Meanwhile customers report 15-year-old Progression products on the market are still in excellent condition.  

It's likewise gratifying to hear what customers at home and in school, condo, and office gyms across the country have to say about their Progression equipment. They say they value it for the same quality and reasonable price that their feedback has inspired. It's another sign that the customer-informed brand model is working and seems to have done so since it began.  

See the Progression Brand at Flaman Fitness 

We're proud to offer the brand that's not only built for you but also by you. If you're familiar with the Progression brand, we invite you to see its latest customer-inspired innovations.   

If you're new to the brand, call or visit your nearest Flaman Fitness location. Our experts will gladly introduce you to its many beneficial products and features.   

Want to see our full Progression Fitness collection online? Your search starts here.  


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